Methodological centres

The National Heritage Institute’s methodological centres provide space for concentrated research into a particular theme, and at the same time allow research findings to be presented and transferred to other specialists and the public, most frequently in the form of exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

The centres‘ staff also provide methodological leadership and support for specialists working in the regional specialist branches of the National Heritage Institute. They work together with them on standardising research terminology, approaches and methods, and search for ways of putting their findings into the everyday practice of heritage conservation.

  • The Methodological Centre for Industrial Heritage in Ostrava focuses on the study, documentation and protection of technical and industrial monuments, in other words technical facilities connected with mining, production, transport and storage.
  • The Methodological Centre for Modern Architecture in Brno, located in the Stiassni Villa, is devoted to the study, documentation and protection of architectural monuments of the 20th century. It focuses on the period between the two world wars, when a large number of world-class buildings were built in Czechoslovakia. From Monday to Thursday the Stiassni Villa serves as a methodological centre for students, specialists and all those interested in modern architecture, while from Friday to Sunday it is open to visitors, who are able to tour it with a guide.

  • The Methodological Centre for Garden Culture in Kroměříž focuses on the study and presentation of garden culture and the historical value of garden art heritage, which connects the perfection of nature with the abilities of artists from many different fields, and on the search for ways in which to take care of it.