Finding of Susanne Stiassni portrait

21. 12. 2016

The villa was built by Stiassni spouses and their portraits can visitors see in the interior. So far, nobody expected that there is a third depicting a portrait of their...


24 Mar


We know what it means to take care of our heritage, and we know what it means to manage it. We ourselves look after over a hundred of the country’s most significant historic buildings – and we want to help other people do so, too. At the National Heritage Institute we have experts on mansions, cottages, factories and wayside crosses, ready to provide you with free advice on how to maintain and restore heritage objects without destroying them. We will help you to find out what is most valuable about your heritage object, and explain in several steps how to proceed in practical terms, and what to avoid. We love historic buildings. Have a look at what we offer.. Pomůžeme vám najít, co je na vaší památce nejcennější, a vysvětlíme v několika krocích, jak prakticky postupovat a čeho se vyvarovat. Milujeme památky. Podívejte se, co vše vám nabízíme.

MOre about NPÚ

Témata roku 2017

Every year we commemorate important anniversaries of historic events and figures, or we draw attention to subjects we consider important. This year we have produced the following: