Trip Suggestions

All our historic buildings are worth visiting. If you have something specific in mind, you can choose according to your preferences and needs. Or you can simply let yourself be inspired by what’s on offer.

recommended sites

Spa village invites to visit colonnade and interesting places in surroundings.

All year opened lookout tower with a charming view.

The renaissance core was built in 1600. Now is the brewery technical remark of beer industry.

The oldest house built for old people and kids without parents with Marie Františka Heissenštejn´s foundation help is now the exposition. Exposition of K. H. Mácha,...


Historical town included spectacular places.

Pavilon Marie Terezie

A long route will show you a large part of the chateau complex that once used to be a river island. You will walk across the park, which covers almost 300 hectares, and...

Socha boha Marta

The extensive landscape park, which surrounds the chateau, invites you for a walk. If you choose this medium-long route, you will discover its hidden locations where you...

The large complex of the Monastery of the Order of the Knights of the Cross with a Red Star (originally a monastery of Minorites and Clares) was founded by the noble...