Technical heritage

Technical and industrial heritage is an important part of our cultural assets, and as such, it’s undoubtfully important for the understanding of the civilization development. It includes various buildings and sites involved in research, production and technology, such as facilities used for mining, production, transportation or storage of products.

Technical and industrial heritage represents not only preserved material proofs of production activities but also experiences in science, research, architecture, art and social sphere, including their links to Europe and beyond.

It’s a special kind of heritage, with specific value criteria. They include preserved remains of production facilities and technology, and require a special assessment system (according to their typological importance, or continuity of the technology), and also specific approaches in restoration.

In addition to specialists working in specific departments of the National Heritage Institute, the Methodological Center of Industrial Heritage was established in Ostrava, for the coordination of research and protection of technical and industrial heritage. This center provides systematic documentation of the assets, in cooperation with National Heritage Institute regional centers.

Currently, the protection is provided for 2,500 technical sites and facilities, which are classified as for immovable or movable cultural assets, national cultural heritage, or part of the heritage reserve, heritage area, or natural protected area.

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