Furnishings looked after by the NPÚ

The furnishings looked after by the institute consist of both rare and common everyday objects that furnish castles, mansions and other historic buildings and tell the stories of the people who lived in them.

The furnishings in the hundreds of historic buildings managed by the National Heritage Institute consist of almost a million objects - pictures and sculptures, furniture, chandeliers and carpets, clothes, weapons and other evidence of the ordinary life and everyday needs of our ancestors. They have a historical, cultural and artistic value that is hard to put a price on.

How we take care of furnishings

The National Heritage Institute provides all-round specialist care of the items that furnish the castles and mansions that it administers. It monitors and optimalises the conditions in which they are kept in depositories and on guided tour routes. It keeps them clean and in good condition, and has them restored when needed. An important part of this care consists of record-keeping, documentation, photographic documentation and research.

The furnishings are recorded in the form of paper records in card files and in digital form in the national database CastlS, developed especially for the needs of heritage conservation. Each record contains basic identificatory information about the object, a specialist description of it plus photographic documentation.