For the 2024 Paris Olympics, a painting from the Konopiště collection will be loaned to Versailles

Equestrian Portrait of Leopold de' Medici as Child

The Equestrian Portrait of Leopold de' Medici as Child by Justus Sustermans from the collection of Konopiště Castle is part of a large exhibition dedicated to horses and equestrianism at the Palace of Versailles in France. This event is part of the accompanying programme of the Summer Olympics, during which Versailles will be hosting equestrian disciplines. The painting loaned by the National Heritage Institute from the premises of Konopiště Castle is also part of the exhibition Cheval en majesté - au coeur d'une civilisation. The painting will be presented to the public in a place of honour in the Hall of Mirrors from 2 July 2 to 3 November; the rest of the exhibition will be located in other areas of the pallace.

The oil painting Equestrian Portrait of Leopold de' Medici as Child by Justus Sustermans is dated ca 1624-1625; its dimensions are 258 x 246 cm and it comes from the collection of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. It depicts Prince Leopold de' Medici (1617–1675) as a boy aged 7–8 in ceremonial dress seated on a horse. The prince is wearing a Polish aristrocacy costume, a white cloak and doublet embroidered and woven with gold and coloured silk, a headdress decorated with a red and white plume (probably in Polish national colours), a saber with a scabbard inlaid with silver at his side, and a sash at the waist with gold lace. The depiction of an extraordinary horse specimen with very long ceremonial mane and luxurious gear is an interesting feature of this portrait.