A Century of Heritage Preservation in the Czech Republic

A reflection of the past century of Czech heritage care at the Denkmal Fair in Leipzig

2018, the European Year of Cultural Heritage by the European Parliament, is also the year of several important anniversaries in the Czech Republic. First in foremost, a century has passed since 1918, the year that changed the lives of the nations of Czechoslovakia and the whole Europe. One of the important elements then resonating in the society was the understanding of the national past, and preserving the national heritage. The heritage sites enabled public access largely, and the preservation system was developed. The European Year of Cultural Heritage defined the main topics of the Denkmal Fair in Leipzig; it’s also the opportunity to reflect upon the past century, and try and look into the future.

A Century of Heritage Preservation in the Czech Republic

The National Heritage Institute: Specialized governmental heritage institution

The National Heritage Institute as the organization that manages important heritage sites owned by the Czech Republic

Právní základy památkové péče

Architecture of the First Republic of Czechoslovakia and its place in the historic context of towns and landscape

Pozemková reforma

Cultural heritage after 1945 – nationalization of treasuries

Establishment of urban heritage reserves

Proměny po roce 1989 – restituce a privatizace

Protection of mobile cultural heritage

Evidence památkového fondu

European Support for Czech Heritage Sites

World Heritage and the Czech Republic

Education and public projects: first steps, first successes

Preservation today – priorities and visions of the future