Archaeological surveys

With the exception of places that have in the past been mined or otherwise devalued, archaeological finds occur all over the Czech Republic. Anyone who intends to undertake any building work or other activity involving ground works thus has to inform the Archaeological Institute of the Czech Republic’s Academy of Sciences of his or her intentions during the preparatory period. If need be, the Archaelogical Institute or another authorised institution must then be allowed to carry out emergency archaeological research at the site. One of these institutions is the National Heritage Institute.

The National Heritage Institute’s archaeological teams, in accordance with their capacities, enable specialist emergency archaeological research to take place at sites where archaeological finds are under threat from construction work or for other reasons. Sometimes this takes the form of supervision only.

The National Heritage Institute’s three largest archaeological teams, based in Prague, Ostrava and Olomouc, carry out archaeological research at the investor’s cost for both companies and sole traders. To a limited degree such work is also carried out by further branches, for example Plzeň. As far as capacity allows, we also help non-trading individuals, who do not cover the cost of emergency archaeological research themselves.

A regular part of the work of all the National Heritage Institute’s architectural teams consists of consultations and the provision of information to the owners of cultural monuments, companies and others interested in cultural heritage.