Movable monuments

Movable monuments are not connected to the ground by a firm foundation - in other words, they are not buildings. They include works of art such as painting and sculpture, works of craftsmanship, liturgical objects, musical instruments, but also technical works, architectural items from buildings that have been destroyed, archaeological finds and so on.

There are hundreds of thousands of such items – and approximately forty thousand of the total amount are protected as movable cultural monuments (in addition to another approximately forty thousand immovable cultural monuments). The Culture Ministry lists immovable and movable objects or groups of objects as cultural monuments if they provide significant evidence of the historical development, way of life and environment of society from oldest times to the present, and display the creative abilities and work of people from all manner of fields of human activity, for their revolutionary, historical, artistic, scientific or technical value, or because they have a direct relationship to significant figures or historical events.


The National Heritage Institute keeps a register of cultural monuments, the Central List of Cultural Monuments of the Czech Republic (ÚSKP), in which the individual monuments are recorded with list numbers.

The register of cultural monuments is held both in the form of paper records in card files and in digital form in a national online database application, the Heritage Catalogue. Data on movable cultural monuments are not publicly available, in the interest of protection against theft and protection of personal data. Only selected persons are able to access the database – the owner, people permitted by the owner in writing, state officials in the course of state administration, if they need the data to carry out their tasks, researchers (for study reasons) on the basis of written confirmation from the relevant educational facility or cultural institutions, and persons carrying out scientific research on the basis of written cofirmation from the commissioner of the research task.

the Heritage Catalogue (ÚSKP)

The monument fund