List of buildings under threat

Although most people today are aware of the significance and value of the legacy of their ancestors, some historic buildings continue to decay. In the Czech Republic there are over 40 000 cultural monuments, of which over 700 are on the list of monuments under threat.


The list of immovable monuments under threat includes cultural monuments as defined by the law on state heritage conservation. The list is periodically added to and updated by the regional specialist branches, and is thus open and not complete. The inclusion of a cultural monument on the list is not agreed on with the owners, who remain anonymous; it is not a criticism of them, since in many cases it is not they who are to blame for the current state of the building. Nor is the list a sale catalogue. Those interested in acquiring and rescuing one of the cultural monuments listed on it must find and contact the owners themselves – the National Heritage Institute does not convey such information. Recommendations for the inclusion of further threatened monuments on the list should be addressed to the National Heritage Institute.

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