The National Heritage Institute and heritage conservation

The Czech Republic is a country full of historic buildings. Many of them are owned by the state, and the National Heritage Institute (NPÚ) looks after them. We tell you their stories and open their gates to you, allowing them to live and develop into this millennium. We also research historic buildings, and provide assistance to all those who look after them. We are proud of every chapel, wooden cottage, mansion, brewery and unique bridge that has been rescued, and we are keen to show them to you.

what NPÚ does

We help people look after historic buildings in our country

We research historic buildings and their care, evaluate our findings and put them into practice

NPÚ activities

We look after castles, country houses and palaces owned by the state

We open historic buildings to the public, so you can enjoy their beauty and learn about their value

List of heritage sites

We present the country’s cultural heritage and its care

We talk and write about our work, and demonstrate it – to experts and laypeople, children and adults

Heritage conservation


The restoration work of the Kuks hospital is one of Grand Prix winners of the European Heritage Awards

15. 5. 2017 (updated 17. 5. 2017)

The winners of the 2017 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards, Europe’s top honour in the field, were celebrated this evening during a high-profile event...

In September, experts in the international conference on historic gardens will meet in the Czech Republic

22. 4. 2017

Twenty years after the last event, the international conference ICOMOS/IFLA returns into the Czech Republic. This time, it will take place between September 21 and 24,...