Heritage databases

Our specialist heritage information systems, or heritage databases, will help you to find information concerning monuments or to discover where this information is stored.

  • The basic database for everyone who comes into contact with heritage is the Heritage Catalogue, which contains data concerning cultural monuments, national cultural monuments, heritage areas, protected belts and other objects of value concerned by heritage conservation. The Heritage Catalogue also contains a list of cultural monuments under threat, with data on their physical condition, and a list of monuments that have been rescued, drawing attention to successful renovation attempts, including restoration work. The system includes links to further information held in the National Heritage Institute’s other information systems. In the Heritage Catalogue the ordinary user will find descriptive information, icluding photographs and map references, while experts can log in at the address  https://iispp.npu.cz/katalog and gain access to other resources, files and documents.

  • Everything that can be discerned about heritage from maps can be found at the heritage geoportal. In addition to allowing monuments and heritage protected areas to be searched for, the geoportal allows these data to be linked with data from the register of land identification, addresses and property (RUIAN) and other information and systems that are of use above all to the public authorities.

  • The Archaeological Data Information System (ISAD) holds descriptive and spatial information on areas with archaeological finds.

  • The National Heritage Institute‘s Metainformation System (MIS) contains photographs, scans, maps, plans, registration cards and various other types of documentation for individual cultural monuments in digital form (including information on the nature of these documents).

  • Information as to whether there are photographs, maps, plans, research and survey results for a particular monument and where they are kept, together with information as to what books can be studied in our specialist libraries, can be found in the Carmen catalogue.

  • A register of books and prints from historic libraries, above all from mansions and monasteries managed by the National Heritage Institute, is available on the web portal of the historical collections.

  • Basic information about all these systems and the services they offer, related activities and events, as well as basic user documentation and current operational information can be found at the portal for the heritage conservation integrated information system (IISPP).

  • The database of restoration work contains a register of restoration and conservation work carried out by restorers of works of art and craftsmanship.